∙ Amber Cove, Dominican Republic ∙

I absolutely love this country. Come to the Dominican Republic’s Northern Coast for a magnificent time. I  was so excited to finally get to explore more of this fascinating country, since I mostly explore more of the the southern parts, such as Bani and Santo Domingo. Amber Cove, even thou Its still a fairy new port, that making it’s way to the top of the charts. With luxury brand high-end shops for Fine Timepieces & Accessories  such has Fendi∙ also Phillip Stein∙ also the ranking top in  #1 Recommendation for Diamonds. Some designers include Diamond Collections like: Forevermark, Gift, Vena D’ Amore, Wonderstud, Sara G, Cognac Diamonds and Blue Heaven.

My time there included a Paradise Island by motorboat to Cayo Arena  my excursion, included snorkeling at the coral reef with lunch in a beach restaurant. I got into action and I snorkeled the reefs with an amazing fun team who made the experience unforgettable. One of the most magical feeling I got was when I was surrounded by all the tropical colorful sea life creatures. It was truly amazing, and a  dream come true. It was the most fun time Reef snorkeling I did thus far, with the most stunning sea creatures swimming around was  definitely on the top of the best destination list. Now, the Food is on another level of deliciousness. Making my mouth water right now just thinking about how my thought taste, yay!


∙ Real Estate Entrepreneur ∙

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