∙ Ocho Rios, Jamaica ∙

My journey in Jamaica was amazing! Oh sweet Jamaica, how much fun I had there this year!  The precious memories I build there include an adventure at the Dunn’s River falls and  also a swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. By the way, I love dolphins, I think they are truly are one of the most romantic and exotic creatures our creator created. I had such a beautiful mesmerizing time sharing time with the dolphins. At a glance this is located about 90 miles south of Cuba, that mind blowing to me that really close.  It was truly thrilling and such a great hike to go all the way up the waterfalls. This is also a great travel must do destinations for photographers. I would love to return and make my way to t explore Kingston area, which is there Capital. With a population of about 8,200 and speaking languages ranging from language of patios, to based english, and English this islands definitely deserve its recognition on my blog . From liquor tasing Jamaica own flavors of rum, and trust me the locals make you enjoy you tasting rums flavors! Literally we had lil to much fun and I ended u in the floor having a handsome Jamaican fellow pouring Coconut rum on my chest while all I could do is continue to smile and laugh continuous since had the group all surrounding me. Oh sweet memories. Here, was when I when I had my first experience with engaging with the Dolphins.  I love it! It definitely a must go to destination.


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