∙ Mahogany Bay, Roatan Honduras ∙

D7206206-F5E7-4610-A844-AB8DEA08FF85I absolutely had an amazing time in this country. Its it by far my number #1 place to swim with the dolphins thus far, that I have experienced as far going snorkeling with the Dolphins. My time there included snorkeling with the most amazing Dolphins in s large open &  liberating swimming area with the dolphins I ever imagine possible.It was truly amazing, and a  dream come true. It was the most fun time Dolphine snorkeling I did thus far, with the most stunning sea creatures swimming around was  definitely on the top of the best destination list. I would love to go and explore more on this country. I must say the people where really nice, and it must experience! This season was open and you r really have time to bond with he Dolphins, and Experience really taking a dive with them in there habitat. At a glance Roatan is 35 miles and an average of three miles wide and lies 40 miles off the north coast of Honduras. While in this country US dollars are accepted and there currency is called Lempira, with a population of approximately 60,000. They all have really creative arts and hand crafted jewelry. I brought a Really pretty dark flower petal necklace, and Also of course had to pick up a Patriot Hand crafted bedded keychain, reminded me of my grandmother she loved Birds and Parrot’s. They have recommended Brand locators and authorized retailers of Luxury Timepieces & Jewelry, Fine Timepieces and Accessories and Fine Diamonds and Designer Jewelry. Enjoy Mohogany Beach and the Bus lagoon beach. I really had an amazing time guys, If you want to experience true session with the Dolphins i Recommend Going to Anthony Key Resort, there you will have a blast swimming and snorkeling with some awesome and beautiful Dolphins and see life!


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