Hello World!

My name is Yesica! If you add the letter “N” at the end of my name it is“YES-I-CAN”!  I am an up and coming Real Estate Agent in the Miami, Florida Area also  part time & International Traveler . 

Some back ground information about my self is I been blessed to be apart of the sales business, for many years now. Got the opportunities to sell New Ford |Chevrolet | Cadillac | for Brand new Cars, Trucks and Suvs. I have also receive the opportunity to see how amazing it is to also sell used Certified Vehicles such as Mercedes Benz | BMW| Honda | Toyota | Nissan | Subaru |Dodge etc. I love being out in the field and I also am aiming making a living utilizing my laptop, in this era where technology is a key tool to use, to obtain financial freedom. I truly believe that keeping God first, staying positive and determined no matter what, is truly the three key components to having a more happier and more fulfilling life. Most of all by having a mindset, that anything is possible! I started this to share with the world, my passion pursuits to happiness, to great opportunities and benefits gains in ventures, I believe that add value in our life’s such as ;

∙ Sales ∙ Real Estate ∙ Travel ∙ Fashion  Culture ∙ Lifestyles ∙ Music ∙ Motor Sports ∙ Vision Boards Creativity ∙

I plan to inspire and hopefully make you say yes to investing in Real Estate, say yes to buying that new home you been dreaming, along with all your auto motor toys. I plan to inspire and hopefully make you say yes to traveling more often then no. I always felt strongly and believe I am Meant to be living a Life more than mundane, but really Living Best Life Possible.

My background as always been sales, since the young age of seventeen I always been hyped because you can be creative and also how fast you can make huge lucrative income makes it all worth it, and your helping other people and educating them so they as customer feel great about what they are receiving  the process in buying and making important purchases. This coming from the Girl who been door to door and worked inside stores, but happy to say I discover my True passions I must Follow and Share with the World from he lenses of my glasses in the mission to inspire everyone to go after your dreams and to Trust your process, trust that your exactly where you need to be leaning what you need to be ready to take on your next venture in Life.

If you personally know me, you would know I really am into having a voice, making  music, fashion and art. Most importantly , I am extremely  passionate about music and I ultimately love making vision boards and that I obsessed with roses & Palm tress and sunshine! You will learn about me that among other things since you welcome upon my world. I love to have a smile on my face and see one on others. Reason being, smiling is contagious!

Inspiring in beauty can share how important is to feeling and looking your best. I will always look forward to inspire you, to say yes to art, say yes to fashion, and yes to want to dress to achieve a goal, maybe for one night or for daily styles. I believe the way to achieving your Best is by feeling and looking most transcendent.

Most importantly, I want to motivate & enlighten anybody reading this right now, to say yes, with falling in love with God’s living landscape and all of his amazing creation, including empowering You to Invest More in Yourself. I truly advice my peers to follow your heart’s, and do what makes you most happy, and do what you are most passionate about. So get inspired and lets ignite the spark inside of you!

My Mother always told me “everything happens for the a reason”. If you came across my website, blogs, social medias accounts, then its probably for a reason. Regardless on how you came across it, one thing you will remember after visiting my site, is that Life is the Best Gift you will ever receive. My most finest advise, is to always keep God First. To stay determined, and to never give up on making your dreams reality. To always have faith, hope & love inside your world & most importantly your hearts. There are so many endless possibilities that can happen if you just believe, plan and take action! In life you can do anything you put your mind to. Tell yourself

“YES-I-CAN!”. Take a leap of faith and let the universe do the rest. Go to YESICANGOLD.LIFE and change your life forever.

Yours faithfully,

Yesica, Soto-Brito.